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[CASE] SolidPlant uses Dr.Explain to create a help system to boost software users’ efficiency

Weerawat Charoenkoop is a lead software developer in the SolidPlant project ( He told us why user manuals are an important part of their products, and how they use Dr.Explain to manage their end user documentation.

DE: Please tell us about your project.

I am working on SolidPlant. SolidPlant offers a complete 3D software package which runs on top of SolidWorks. The add-in provides engineers, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive engineering software solutions.

We are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

DE: Why did you decide to create a user guide for your software?

As I’ve already mentioned, we are a 3D software provider. We have developed the application “SolidPlant3D: Comprehensive Plant Design for SolidWorks.” In order to make our application more user-friendly, we wanted to create a help system that guides the end user to work more efficiently in the software.

DE: How did you implement the previous version of your help system?

Earlier we used to have a PDF training manual or document that the user needed to download separately from our website.

DE: Why did you choose the Dr.Explain software?

We’ve compared Dr.Explain with a few other applications, but their output was not quite satisfactory. Actually we were in search of a user-friendly application that would make it easier to create CHM to use offline or online. We found that Dr.Explain is quite user-friendly and supports multiple formats to export the project to.

DE: Are you satisfied with the final result?

The output was quite perfect. We generated a CHM file to use within our application as a help document, and also to host it on our website. The function importing from a Word document is very useful. I like that function.

Please follow the link to access the help file on our website:

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You can learn more about the SolidPlant 3D software at

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