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[CASE] TCSH bv uses Dr.Explain to create operations manuals for gas and steam turbine control systems personnel

TCSH bv (Turbomachinery Control Services Habets) ( has been using the Dr.Explain help authoring software in their projects since 2014.


Bertin Habets is the owner and head of TCSH bv. In this short interview, Bertin told us about his company’s experience with Dr.Explain.

DE: Please tell us about TCSH bv.

TCSH bv (Turbomachinery Control Services Habets) is a Dutch service company for gas and steam turbine control systems, predominantly for all GE Speedtronic systems (Mark IV, V, V-LM, VI, VIe, and Ve).


DE: Why is user documentation so important for gas and steam turbine control systems personnel?

During hectic situations, online manuals with a fast index and hyperlinks reduce machine downtime.


DE: How did you manage to solve the problems with operator manuals before? What problems did you have?

We work predominantly on all GE Speedtronic systems (Mark IV, V, V-LM, VI, Vie, and Ve). When we used paper manuals, which were frequently misplaced, got coffee stains, and sometimes were lost.

DE: How do you use Dr.Explain within your company today?

We use Dr.Explain to make professional CHM and PDF manuals for the operators and maintenance personnel.

DE: How does Dr.Explain help your business?

Dr.Explain allows us to install the manuals on our Human Machine Interfaces (HMI is an operation and maintenance window for the control system), so that the manuals are never lost again.

Dr.Explain makes it easy to customize the manuals to the customer site situation. It is a nice add-on to our products.

On some of our HMIs, we pre-install Dr.Explain, so that the operators and maintenance personnel can update their manuals themselves.

DE: Can you add anything else?

You have a great product, and I endorse it to everybody I run to with the CHM and PDF files.

# # #

Please find more about TCSH bv (Turbomachinery Control Services Habets) and its services and products at

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