Adding topics

Creating or adding topics is the most frequent operation you use when working with the table of contents. It is similar to creating new documents in regular word processors. After you create a topic, you can start adding text and other content to it or you can move it around your Topic tree.
To add a topic, point your cursor at the higher level topic if you plan to add it on the same level. If you point the cursor at a topic and choose to add a new topic, it will be added as a subtopic to the current topic.
There are several ways to add a topic to Topic tree:
  • click the button;
  • go to the Options menu and click the Add topic menu option;
  • use the Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut;
  • right-click the required topic and select Add... then Add topic;
  • import data from other files via the Import dialog.
There are three scenarios for adding a new topic:
When you add a topic, you will be prompted to specify its name in the Topic tree itself. You can always change its name later on by clicking its name and holding it for a while. After you have changed its name, either press the Enter button or just click another topic or inside the Content editor.
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