HTML files uploading

In this dialog window, you can enable automatic uploading of output HTML files onto a web server via FTP or onto your Tiwri site. With this function your online manual gets immediately available for your customers once the export completed.
To customize the uploading settings for the current project either:
  • go the Options menu and select the Project settings menu option;
  • or click the button in the application toolbar.
The following dialog window will appear:
HTML files uploading

Publish files via FTP

1. Publish files via FTP
<TODO>: insert variable value here automatically upload output files onto a web server via FTP.

FTP server

2. FTP server
Use this field to specify your FTP server host name or IP address.

FTP port

3. FTP port
Use this field to specify your FTP server port number. Default FTP port is 21.

FTP folder

4. FTP folder
Use this field to specify relative path to specific folder on your FTP server.

FTP credentials

5. FTP credentialsPress this button to provide your FTP credentials: FTP user name and password. If the credentials are not provided then you'll be asked for username and password each time HTML export and publishing is performed.

Publish on tiwri.com

6. Publish on tiwri.com
Check this option to enable automatic publishing on your Tiwri site. Tiwri site is a site on The technical writing platform Tiwri.com which is setup specially for publishing online manuals from Dr.Explain.
To publish your documentation online on tiwri.com, you don’t need to deal with web hosting settings, write web page code, or configure FTP access.
Your online documentation will have the unique address <something>.tiwri.com. If you want the documentation to be part of your website, you can use your domain name (for example, help.<your_domain>) instead.

Tiwri site credentials

7. Tiwri site credentials
Use these fields to specify name of your Tiwri site (it usually looks like <yoursitename>.tiwri.com) and password for publishing that you can change in your Tiwri account.

Browse Tiwri site files

8. Browse Tiwri site filesPress this button to view files and folders in your Tiwri site.

Open Tiwri site in web browser

9. Open Tiwri site in web browserPress this button to open your Tiwri site in default web browser.

Create Tiwri site

10. Create Tiwri sitePress this button to open your Tiwri account in web browser or to create a new one if required.


11. OKPress the button to accept all changes and close the dialog.


12. CancelPress the button to close the dialog and to discard the changes.


13. HelpPress the button to show the context help page.

Import settings

14. Import settingsPress this button to import settings from another project file.
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