PDF export settings

In this dialog window, you can configure the appearance of the output PDF file.
To access the dialog, please use one of the ways described bellow:
  • go to the Options menu and select the Project settings menu option;
  • or click the button in the application toolbar.
The following dialog window will appear:
PDF export settings

PDF document metadata

1. PDF document metadata
Use this section to enter the PDF file metadata, such as Title, Subject, Author, and Keywords. This data will be shown in the PDF file properties. It won't affect the document layout or visible content.

Page dimensions

2. Page dimensions
Use this section to specify dimensions for PDF pages. You may either select a predefined standard dimension from the predefined list or specify your own custom dimensions.

Topic bookmarks

3. Topic bookmarks
Check this option to create a bookmark tree consisting of all topics of the PDF file.

Keep control description within page

4. Keep control description within page
Check this option to keep a control description within a page in the PDF file. If a control description is too large to fit entirely on the page where previous control's description is already present, it will start from the new page.

Topics vs pages

5. Topics vs pages
Check this option to specify if each topic must be started on a new page. If you clear this option, the next topic will start right after the previous one, on the same page. You can insert page breaks manually in the text editor for topics you want to start from the new page.


6. OKPress the button to accept all changes and close the dialog.


7. CancelPress the button to close the dialog and to discard the changes.


8. HelpPress the button to show the context help page.

Import button

9. Import buttonPress this button to import settings from another project.
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