Annotation designer

Designer is a special tool for editing screenshot annotations. Here, you can manage the screenshot's control references and numbered callouts. To display the designer, simply double-click the necessary screenshot image in the content editor.
Annotation designer

Tools tabs

1. Tools tabsTabs allow you to switch between different tools in designer window: designer, control areas management, and screenshot editing. The functionalities of all tools overlap though each one is focused on different aspects of control reference and screenshot management.

Accept & close

2. Accept & closeUse this button to accept changes and return to the main content editor.

Designer toolbar

3. Designer toolbar
The designer toolbar provides access to key functions for managing control numbered references and screenshot snapshot.

Designer workspace

4. Designer workspace
You may rearrange and reposition numbered control callouts here by simply selecting and dragging them in WYSIWYG manner.
You can also adjust the size of control areas and screenshot image itself.
Hold Shift key while dragging bullet mark to snap bullet line to angles multiple of 15 degrees.

Control properties

5. Control properties
This panel provides access to properties of the selected control. Its structure is very close to the structure of topic settings pane.

Control description

6. Control descriptionThe control description editor allows you to edit the description of the selected control. The editor toolbar provides access to the editing functions. You may also edit control descriptions in the main content editor.
The short description for certain annotation templates is available upon double click on control bullet.
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