Licensing the Dr.Explain Collaboration Server

The Dr.Explain Collaboration Server license is purchased on a fixed-term basis of 1 or 2 years and has an unlimited number of registered users and projects created by them.
The demo license is valid for 30 days and is issued with the server distribution upon request.
The demo license allows you to create new projects and make changes to them within 7 calendar days. The sole purpose of the demo license is to provide the opportunity to test and configure the entire multi-user system in the corporate infrastructure.
After the license expires, all projects stored on the server become read-only and available to be converted to local projects only.
Making changes in multi-user mode becomes impossible.
To continue the work with shared projects a new commercial license must be purchased and activated.
Please find the actual prices of Dr.Explain Collaboration Server licenses at https://www.drexplain.com/server/ page.
The Dr.Explain Collaboration Server license is activated with the license key and offline verification via e-mail.
All copies of the Dr.Explain must have an Ultima-level license.
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