Text block main settings

To customize a text block settings please use the icon buttons in the block header bar.
Click the icon to open the Text block settings dialog with automatically selected Main settings tab.
A similar dialog is used for text block templates editing.
Text block main settings

Text block preview

1. Text block preview
The preview panel displays how the text block will look like with the current settings.
The block looks and behaves (e.g. for Spoiler template) the same way like it does in the final HTML document.

Settings group tab

2. Settings group tab
Use the tab buttons to switch across the text block settings groups.
A text block has three groups of settings:
  • Main settings - specify the block position and behavior. This page describes the group.
  • Visual settings - specify the appearance of the block.
  • Logical settings - specify a set of logical rules what content should be output into final document under various conditions.

Text block template

3. Text block template
Please, select a template to apply its predefined settings to the current text block.
To override the template predefined settings for the specific text block, check the option for a corresponding section.
Note: if you are in the template customization mode a text field with the template name is displayed instead of the templates list.

Block position

4. Block position
Use this section to set the block width and alignment relatively to other content on the page.

Spoiler option

5. Spoiler option
Use this section to enable collapsing / expanding  behavior for the block content. Such behavior is assigned to the Spoiler standard template by default.
Also, please specify if the content is collapsed or expanded initially.
Note: when the content is collapsed, only the first text line is visible. So, you can treat the first line as a bock content sub-header.
Note: the content dynamic collapsing / expanding will work in HTML and CHM output formats only. In other formats the text block content will always be expanded.

Icons for collapsed and expanded state

6. Icons for collapsed and expanded state
Please select icons that will be shown next to the content first line when the block is collapsed and expanded respectively.
Use buttons to navigate across the icon list pages.

Icon color, size, and margins

7. Icon color, size, and margins
Use this section to set the collapsing / expanding icon color and size as well as margins around it.


8. ОКPress the button to accept all changes and close the dialog.


9. CancelPress the button to close the dialog and to discard the changes.
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