Topic conditional output

In this dialog window, you can specify set a composite logical rule that will determine under what conditions the topic is included into the final document upon the export or excluded from it. 
To access the dialog, please select the topic of interest in Topic tree and press button in the Topic properties panel.
The composite rule consists of several basic logical conditions. An actual value of the composite rule is calculated each time the project is being exported to any format.
If the calculated value is true the topic will be included into the final document, otherwise it's excluded.
There are two types of basic conditions
  • validating if the current Format of export is included in the set of allowed formats;
  • validating if the current value of Variable meets a specific criterion.
So, assign various values to variables right before export to manage the output content of the final document.
The approach is handy for creating documents of various levels of detailing from the same source project.
For instance: User manual, Operator manual, and Administrator manual.
The logical rule always includes a condition which comes first and determines which formats the topic must be exported to.
The rest rules will be added with AND logical operator.
If you wish to determine a certain condition for a specific export format, the format must be selected both in the first obligatory section and in the additional custom section.
For instance:
You can also specify output conditions for text blocks within topic content.
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