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[CASE] EasyData started using Dr.Explain to create user documentation in many formats easily


Vladimir Baranov, CEO of EasyData, told us why the company doesn't use Microsoft Word for user documentation writing anymore and why they switched to Dr.Explain.

DE: Please tell about your company's projects.

EasyData ( - is a fast-growing company with a huge experience in building high-load, complex real-time solutions. EasyData specializes in building data warehouses based on the Vertica Analytics Platform from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and developing software solutions for data delivery to the data warehouse (CDC, ETL/ELT).

We develop all the necessary software to handle big data. You can load data on schedule using Easy Loader and Easy Scheduler. When designing your database, you can create a physical data model using SAP® PowerDesigner®. We have developed a plugin that allows you to work with Vertica in PowerDesigner®.

DE: What goals did you set with regard to your products, and which documentation problems did you intend to solve?

We needed to create “offline” user documentation to be distributed with our solutions, and also to create web documentation for our products.

DE: How did you solve that problem before you have switched to using Dr.Explain, and why did you choose Dr.Explain?

We used to create our user documentation in Word. Sometimes we converted it to the PDF format.

We were looking for a flexible tool that is easy to use. Finally we selected Dr.Explain, because we liked its user interface and ability to create documentation in different formats from a single project.

DE: How did Dr.Explain help you in your work?

We created user documentation projects for our major solutions. After creating and completing the documentation, we generated PDF and HTML documents. We published the HTML documents on our website.

Check it out at: [RU]

We already have created several versions of user documentation.

Now that we have more advanced documentation, it is easier to promote and market our solutions. The users of our software products are very happy. The documentation developers are very happy with your help tool, too!

I’d like to thank the Dr.Explain team for the great product and for prompt assistance in resolving technical support issues.

My special thanks to everybody for the excellent design of help projects. Now our documentation naturally blends into our website.

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Read more about EasyData products at

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