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[CASE] Testview uses Dr.Explain to create help documentation in different formats to allow new users get familiar with the product in less time


Assaf Yarden is the co-founder and CEO of Testview. He told us why automated test equipment engineers need help manuals and how Dr.Explain can help them in that.

DE: What is the TVI project?

TVI ( is a new test manager for LabVIEW (a common programing language for electrical engineers). The product was created by Testview, a company that provides system integration and consulting services in the area of automated test equipment.

DE: What is your role in the company?

I’m the co-founder and CEO of Testview. We specialize in system integration and automated testing equipment development. I aim to be the driving force behind the “keep it simple” approach, which is in the DNA of the TVI software.

DE: Why does even intuitive-to-use software need documentation?

TVI is a new platform for test engineers, and while it’s intuitive to use, it is quite flexible, so good documentation is required to get new users familiar with the product.

DE: Why did you start using the Dr.Explain software?

We’ve chosen the Dr.Explain tool due to its ability to create the CHM format along with HTML (online help). Its key feature is the ability to work as a team and host the site at the cloud platform. We embed the online help into our product’s website that runs on the WordPress platform:

DE: What is your overall impression of Dr.Explain?

Very good. We were impressed with the ease of use and flexibility of the software. Our technical writer who didn’t have any prior experience with Dr.Explain got his hands on it in no time (less than one hour). Other team members used the collaboration features to edit and review the manual simultaneously.

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You can learn more about the Testview Integrator platform at

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