Callout editing mode

Use this dialog to configure settings for the callouts in your screenshot annotation template. You can change the form and color of the objects, shapes and connectors used in the callout. You may also edit the text used for the specific callout object. Read the options that you can configure below.
To display this window, go to Screenshot annotating, click the annotation template you'd like to edit and click the Callout mode.
Callout editing mode

Template objects list

1. Template objects list
This field lists all available objects for the selected callout.

Object controls

Use buttons to move the object in the list either higher or lower.
Click to remove the selected object from the callout.
Use button to add shadow to the object or remove it.
Use button to make the object clickable in the HTML / CHM output. Also, hovering mouse over the part of the call-out corresponding to the object with this icon in HTML / CHM output will bring pop-up tooltip (if that setting was enabled in HTML / CHM export settings).

Region editing mode

3. Region editing mode
Click this button to add or change the region settings. The following regions are available:

Connector editing mode

4. Connector editing mode
Click this button to add or change connector settings. The following connectors are available:

Shape settings

5. Shape settings
This section of the dialog displays the available options for editing shapes. It consists of the following sections:
  • Filling options - allows you to configure the fill options such as fill style, its color, opacity level, etc.
  • Border pattern - allows you to configure the border style and, if necessary, change its filling options.
  • Dimensions - allows you to configure the shape dimensions.
  • Advanced - allows you to configure the advanced shape options.

Shape settings button

6. Shape settings button
Click this button to access the shape settings.

Text settings button

7. Text settings button Click this button to access the Text options.
The following text options section will be displayed:
The text options window is split into two sub-sections:
  • Text settings - allows you to configure the various font options and effects
  • Padding - allows you to change the padding options


8. OKPress the button to accept all changes and close the dialog.


9. CancelPress the button to close the dialog and to discard the changes.
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