Control areas

Control areas tool is useful for manually managing those control areas that Dr.Explain highlighted automatically. To switch to the Control areas tool, click the Control areas tab in the Designer.
Control areas

Zoom buttons

1. Zoom buttonsUse these buttons to zoom in/out.

Add control

2. Add controlClick this button to add a new control reference manually.

Show/Hide control

3. Show/Hide controlClick this button to hide/show the control bullets without removing the controls from the project.

Delete control

4. Delete controlClick this button to remove the selected control references from the project.

Control Dimensions

5. Control Dimensions
You can use these spin boxes to set the control area dimensions in pixels.

Control area

6. Control area
Edit the control area by dragging the highlighted area borders.

Control list

7. Control list
This list shows all controls available on the selected screenshot. Use it for switching between controls.
All other features are the same as in the Designer.
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