Creating a shared project

There are several ways to create a new blank shared project:
Also, you can create a shared project from an exiting Dr.Explain local project. Open your local file in Dr.Explain and press  button in the main toolbar or use Upload command in Collaboration menu.
In all cases, the following dialog will appear.
Creating a shared project

Tiwri account credentials

1. Tiwri account credentials
Please provide here your Tiwri account login and password to connect to your project repository.

Connection status

2. Connection status
The connection status line displays informational messages about your connection status or errors.

Project owner

3. Project owner
Use this drop-down list to assign the project owner role either to yourself or to someone who made you a manager in his/her Tiwri account. Read more about managing user rights.

Project name

4. Project name
Specify the project name here. Later, you can change it in Documents section in your Tiwri account.

User permissions

5. User permissions
Use this section to set a permission type for each collaborator. Simply click the color box to set a certain permission type. You can add new collaborators and also change permissions in Documents section in your Tiwri account.

Local copy destination

6. Local copy destination
Use this box to specify a file where local copy of the project will be stored.
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