Local copy of a shared project

A local copy is a Dr.Explain project file in .GUI format which is created on local PC during checking out a shared project from the Tiwri.com cloud service or Local Collaboration Server. Also, if you uploaded an existing local project to collaboration server, the original source file became a local copy of the newly created shared project.
A local copy stores all cached data about associated shared project and allows Dr.Explain not to download all data from server every time you start working with the project. Also, a local copy stores connection settings and all your changes which have not been yet committed to server.
The path to local copy can be set in Checkout and Create a new shared project dialogs.
To create a second local copy you must Checkout a shared project from server once again and set another file name for it.
Note: creating several local copies of the same shared project is a tricky approach which is not recommended. There might be conflicts if you have not committed changes in different local copies of the same shared project on one PC.
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