Opening a shared project (Checkout)

Note: use Checkout function only when you're wishing to start working with the new shared project and if you have no local copy of it. If you already have a local copy of a shared project then simply open it as a usual Dr.Explain project.
There are two ways to open (checkout) a shared project:
The following dialog will appear:
Opening a shared project (Checkout)

Tiwri account  credentials

1. Tiwri account  credentials
Please provide here your Tiwri account login and password to connect to your project repository. Then press Connect button to load the list of available projects from your Tiwri repository.

Connection  status

2. Connection  status
The connection status line displays informational messages about your connection status or errors.

Remote project  list

3. Remote project  list
Once the connection to your Tiwri account is established the list of available projects will be loaded and shown. To open a certain project either double click on it or select its radio button and press OK.

Choose a place  for local copy

4. Choose a place  for local copy
Use this box to specify a file where local copy of the project will be stored.
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