Text editor options

The Text Editor in Dr.Explain does not differ much from text editors in other word processors. It allows you to perform common text formatting operations, insert tables, images and other objects, etc.
Dr.Explain's embedded text editor supports rich text format with various font faces, including Unicode fonts (e.g. for Chinese). Dr.Explain also supports RTL (right-to-left) typing mode for languages such as Arabic or Hebrew.
If you need to find a word/phrase/symbol in Dr.Explain you can use the Find-and-Replace functionality that is present in most word processors by using the Ctrl+F or Ctrl+H keyboard shortcuts. You can also go to the Edit menu and select Find / Replace menu option there.
Text editor options

Text style

1. Text style Use this button to quickly apply a pre-configured text style to a part of text in the editor.

Text formatting

2. Text formatting
Use these buttons to change the font face, size, style, format text as superscript or subscript, or change text color or background color.
Changing font face:
Hint: Start typing the font name or size in the list to quickly select it there.


3. ListsUse the buttons to insert numbered or bulleted lists into your topic. The drop-down list allows you to choose a desired numbering style from the pre-configured list. Also you can customize list styles in Project Settings.

Paragraph alignment

4. Paragraph alignmentUse these buttons to change the paragraph alignment.

Insert images

5. Insert imagesUse these buttons to insert image from file, from clipboard, or a captured one.
You can either insert a plain image or create an annotated screenshot object.
You can also insert an image of annotated screenshot, control image or control bullet image.

Insert link

6. Insert link
Use this button to link the selected text to an external URL address or internal project node. See more: Insert link dialog.

Insert video

7. Insert video
Use this button to insert a video into this topic.

Insert anchor

8. Insert anchor

Insert HTML code

9. Insert HTML code

Insert table

10. Insert table
Use this button to insert a table into your topic.

Insert horizontal line

11. Insert horizontal line

Insert page break

12. Insert page break
Use this button to insert a page break.

Insert variable or special object

13. Insert variable or special objectUse this button to insert a special object into your topic.
The special objects are:
  • Text variables
  • Special variables (e.g. page number)
  • Horizontal line
  • HTML code snippet
  • Anchor
  • Page break
  • Page title
  • Control title

Spell checker

14. Spell checkerClick this button to enable/disable the spell checking and/or configure spell checking settings.
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