Basic principles

Teamwork and collaboration is the new functionality introduced in Dr.Explain 5.0. The collaboration feature might be useful not only to team of several writers but to single writers as well.
To start using the collaboration feature you must create an account at the cloud service Tiwri.com or Local Collaboration Server within your organization.
As soon as you've created an account at tiwri.com, you're able to create shared projects either via Tiwri web interface, if you work with this cloud service, or right in the Dr.Explain application.
Then you can share the project with other users whose e-mail you know. You can create either a blank project or upload an existing Dr.Explain project to the server and make it shared.
All operations with shared projects are performed in the Dr.Explain application. To modify a certain element of the project you must perform Edit command. In most cases the Edit command is performed automatically once you've started editing the element, e.g. start typing in the editor. In the same moment the element gets locked on the server and nobody will be able to modify it until you commit or revert your changes to the server.
To see your changes other users must perform Update command in Dr.Explain.
To see all the changes in the project use Project history function.
Note: to be able to work with Collaboration function in most cases you need active Internet connection to send and receive data from the Tiwri.com service, or an active connection to your local corporate network to access the Local Collaboration Server within your organization.
The most important teamwork functions and commands are grouped in Collaboration menu.
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