Command line mode

Dr.Explain tool automates many things in help file authoring process. You may focus purely on the content of your help file or documentation manual. The program will get many boring operations out of your work.
This command line mode is especially useful for batch processing of many projects or for script-based automation.
The command line mode allows exporting help projects into HTML, CHM, RTF and PDF format without displaying the application GUI.
To use command line mode for export, use a special executable:
<Program Files>\Dr.Explain\tools\deexport.exe
The command syntax is:
Export to HTML: deexport.exe /sh <filename.gui>
Export to CHM: deexport.exe /sc <filename.gui>
Export to RTF: deexport.exe /sr <filename.gui>
Export to PDF: deexport.exe /sp <filename.gui>
If any errors or warnings are met then the messages will be written in the output log.
With Dr.Explain you can easily create a professional help system for your software or web application.